10 things I hate about photography

I fell in love with photography some 8 years ago when I first bought a Minolta dImage 7, and after all this time I still find in it my way out!

I know it is obvious I love photography but, if I have to be completely honest, it is a real love/hate relationship.


I often find myself, while driving, looking around identifying potential locations or admiring the colors of the sunset just to wake up at the sound of the honking car behind me who’s driver started to get impatient. So far I’ve been lucky with these moments


And God knows I’ve tried. Every now and then I feel that photography is taking too much of my time I decide to quit but, no matter what, that urge to shoot and look at pictures always comes back even stronger. And when I finally give in and go out and shoot it feels like a mouthful of fresh air and I think to myself, “what have you been doing to yourself!”. I can, wholeheartedly, say that photography seems to be the only thing I am addicted to. Gosh how I hate to feel I am dependent of anything!


I don’t think that there is a lot to explain here, photography is not exactly a cheap hobby. Cameras are expensive and good glass sure is expensive and when you have spend all that money and think you have all what you need there is always a new gadget that popups and I start trying to justify this new expense. For a person without any income from photography I spend too much on it.


I have a full time job that requires from me more than a full time schedule which leaves me with little time to spend with my wife and children. This makes me feel guilty when I share, what is already limited, between my family and my hobby.


To be very honest I don’t always feel good with my own results, and coincidence wants it that, every time I feel I made some progress in photography, I come by these pictures that keep me stunned and show me how long the road is still ahead of me.
There are so many different styles of photography I’d like to experiment that sometimes I feel I should just quit.


I hate color management! I find it so complex, every time I want to print a picture or even look at it on a monitor different than the one I edited it on I find myself looking at completely different colors and, no matter what, I can’t get to find a way to get consistent results. Well that surely looks a good reason to shoot in black and white but, even then, contrast changes.


Sometime you want to shoot and you can’t because, for a reason or another, that one place you’ve been longing to capture is a photography restricted zone. The first example I can think about with this matter is Jeita Grotto that is only at 30 min drive from where I live but I can’t take pictures in.
10. when you want to have you’re camera and you can’t (restricted places)


If it is frustrating to want to shoot but not to be able to, it is even more frustrating when you don’t want to shoot but you find yourself compelled to do it just because people are expecting you to do so!

Sometime, when invited to events/weddings, I just want to be with my wife and enjoy it, I don’t feel like playing the “camera man”. However there is always that last minute call “we are counting on you for the pictures”.


Yes storage is getting cheaper by the day, however data storage needs are growing exponentially too. With my current camera a RAW file is about 22megs in size and a typical retouched psd image in the 400 megs. Knowing that I keep 2 copies of each picture in both RAW and PSD format that’s roughly 1GB for each picture I edit.


Well that’s a classic but it never fails to irritate me. I do feel the lust to sometimes change my gear just because a newer one came out but I am fully aware that this won’t improve my photography I just do it because I feel like it and I can afford it.
Just recently my wife was looking at pictures I took of our children and she asked me “Is it the cam or the lens? These pictures look just great”, that made me smile and told her “why can it not be simply your husband ?”

What about you ? What do you hate about photography?

Feeling Negative ?

The rise of digital photography helped get a lot of people involved with photography, and now those people are looking for the next level Film (yeah, film).

I want to introduce you to Feeling Negative blog, a blog by my buddy Brian Auer, author of the famous Epic Edits photography blog.

Feeling negative is home base for the new-age film photographer, they are there to help you explore this amazing medium. You will find interesting discussions on things like old cameras and lenses, various films (expired and current), DIY equipment, darkroom stuff, and (grudgingly) computer stuff relevant to film photographers. They give back to the film photography community by featuring photos, articles, and equipments.

The site is organized into five main sections:
Camera Bag, Darkroom, Digital Darkside, Community and Other Stuff. For the beginners, they are covering the basics of shooting, developing, printing, scanning, etc. For the ol’ timers, they are digging into alternative techniques, various pieces of equipment and film stocks, DIY stuff, and new ways of working with an old process.

This is definitely a very interesting blog that you don’t want to miss, Hope you will have as much fun as i did browsing through the different sections on FeelingNegative.com

Are you still alive?

I don’t know what to say, I am sick of finding excuses and I am sorry for the delay. However life has been crazy at work lately I’ve been working till 2 am everyday and when I don’t I’m trying to spend some time with my kids !

I thank you all for your thoughts and emails and I feel really bad about my silence and I will update what’s missing soon by the end of this week I promise.

In the mean time let’s fix March assignment to “RUSH” and I have one free pro smugmug account to giveaway so I think it will be for the best “RUSH” picture. You still have a little less than 2 weeks for that contest so hurry and don’t forget to tag your pictures with “adidap.com Mar 09 assignment” (with the quotes)

OK me back to work I have an Exchange server to save !! Thanks again for your attention it sure is good.

How your picture end up on adidap

A few weeks ago I got the following comment on one of the flickr rounds

This is not the right way to vote for the pics… here are some very poor composition also , people are just marketing their pics and force people to vote for their pic only… is that the way for a photography competition ?? I don’t think so … lol .. its just making fun of the real creativity… !!!

Although I find this comment harsh and untrue, it got me thinking that you deserve to know how pictures end up published here on adidap.com

Simply submit to the group

I am grateful for every picture that is submitted to our flickr group and each one has its own minute of fame. The Reader’s Photos displays, in real time, the 20 most recent pictures of the group.

If you want more and would like to be published in one of the weekly rounds keep reading.

Check your thumbnail
Where I live we do not have the luxury of high speed internet connection and bandwidth is somehow limited here so, the first impression I take from a picture is the default thumbnail displayed in the pool. If I find the thumbnail appealing I will open to see the big picture.

Post often
I was hesitating to write this but it is true. I have the human tendency to want to feature more the people that I am familiar with. This doesn’t mean that I will automatically feature in each round all the pictures of the people I know but, if you are a regular, chances are that I will get familiar with your style and get to like your pictures and you will get featured more often.

Go colorful or colorless
cliff hanger (by earmerrigan)Day 160 - To be yourself is all that you can do (by miriness)Untitled (by the_wolf_brigade)
I like colorful pictures as well as black and white ones, washed colors with a vintage look works well for me too. You can’t really go wrong here anything might catch my eye.

Go minimal
passing through (by rivera´)chair (by xgray)Carpineti (by Giannaeffe  [Giovanna Fantarella])
I love minimalism that’s a fact! I can’t help noticing these images where less is in fact more.

Go weird or unusual
Day 24 - Self Portrait (by piston9)Untitled (by polly's po)cold deep shower (by stefanmager.com photography)
I find myself featuring more of these images that just pop-up to my eyes and don’t look like anything I’ve seen before.

Get Close
22/365 (by BluebonnetPhotography)björn krack 033b - nose model (by stefanmager.com photography)35/365 - Choose Life.... (by JonMorgan.)
Another tips, I like really closeup portrait

Make me think or wonder
Warm bond in a frosty morning (by El-Hassan)Red (by seanjonesfoto)I'm sick. (by Julia's perspective)
I simply can’t get enough of these pictures that make me think. I can just look at them for hours lost in thoughts .

And that doesn’t mean you won’t get your picture featured unless you follow these “guidelines“, I see myself featuring a lot of landscape pictures for example.

Well that’s it! Rambling mode off.

To get featured in our yearly calendar that’s totally up to you guys, you are the one to vote remember !

Off Topic: Five Things Meme

It seems there is a cool thing on the net called “Five Things Meme” and I’ve been tagged to it by my friend and fellow photographer Shawn

So here is my list trying to stay away from photography (as much as possible that is)
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