The One System by UNDFIND

If you are a regular ADIDAP reader than you probably have already heard about UNDFIND.
UNDFIND has already closely collaborated with ADIDAP to give you excellent articles like Step into wedding photography with these 20 poses and Step Into Wedding Photography part 2 : Poses for the groom and groomsmen.

Well today we are here to present you the “One System” one of the company’s latest creations.

These days, we want everything to be cross-functional. Our phones are personal assistants, our cameras are camcorders and our cars have become entertainment centers. In the name of cross-functionality, UNDFIND has come up with a new Camera Carrying system called the One System.

It’s gained some hype after being successfully funded on Kickstarter, with features on Wired, Popphoto, Engadget and other magazines, so I guess it deserves to tell you about it here on ADIDAP as well and make you benefit from the exclusive discount UDNFIND is giving for ADIDAP readers.

The One System is a lens and camera gear carrying system that’s made up of two bags, the One Bag v2 and the Waist Shooter. The One Bag is a slim, neoprene laptop bag that can change into a camera bag with the use of a Photo Insert. The Waist Shooter is a belt bag for your lenses and camera accessories that can be worn from the hip or from the shoulder using a strap. Both feature covers that you can change up to alter the appearance of bag.

One Bag

I want to talk a little bit more about the One Bag beyond the basic features I mentioned above. A few things worth mentioning are:

  • The cover has zipper pockets for memory cards and other small accessories
  • The strap is comfortable
  • The One Bag has pockets sized your iPad or other tablet
  • The One Bag does not fit your camera with the lens attached
  • The One Bag fits up to 16″ laptops
  • The One Bag fits up to a Canon 70-200mm 2.8L lens but not anything larger

Waist Shooter

A few things worth mentioning about The Waist Shooter are:

  • Like the One Bag, the cover has zipper pockets for memory cards and other small accessories
  • Like the One Bag, The Waist Shooter does not fit your camera with the lens attached
  • The bag fits up to a Canon 70-200mm 2.8L lens but not anything larger
  • It’s meant to be used as a belt bag, but also comes with a strap for the shoulder

The Discount

Make sure to use the code “adidap12” for 20% off the One System at (Expires 12/31/2012), and enjoy remarkable versatility.

ADIDAP December Giveaway: Smugmug Pro Account

It is the holiday season, that’s why I am excited to kick off the month of December with a great Giveaway by our prime sponsor Smugmug.

In the coming week, you will get the chance to win nothing less than a 1 year free Smugmug Pro account with a value of 150 usd.
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What do I win

As already stated the giveaway is a one year free Smugmug Pro account, the benefits of having a Smugmug Pro are too many to list here but here are a few to get you started !

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The rules

The rules are pretty simple, here is what to do :

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In a 2 weeks time, we will create a poll with all the different photos we get  and ADIDAP readers get to vote for their favorite image aka the winner.

This is a great opportunity for you to show off your favorite bokeh shot or this can be the motivation you have been waiting for to learn this technique, we are sure it will come in handy in the upcoming holidays.

All featured images will be used only one time in the poll and will have full credits to their respective owners and a link back to their original page.

Best of luck for everyone and may the best picture win !

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As you might have noticed ADIDAP has a couple of new sponsors! Today I would like to present you Memolio Albums

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