Adobe Lightroom 1.3 & Camera Raw 4.3 available

Ever since the release of the Mac OS X Leopard, and due to the bugs reported with Lightroom 1.2, it was expected that Adobe reacts quickly and issue an upgrade pretty soon.

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Mac OS X Leopard on PC

Unbelievable ! Unconceivable ! those are the thoughts that came into my mind when I first read this article.
Mac OS X – Leopard was patched and can now be installed on PC! No need to buy a MAC.

DisclaimerI DID NOT TRY THESE PROCEDURES since I already own a MAC.

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Adobe Lightroom bug fix expected soon

As previously pointed out, Adobe Lightroom 1.2 is not fully compatible with the new Mac OS leopard.

“The good news is that we’ll be releasing an update in mid-November that will address key compatibility issues” said Tom Hogarty.

Here is the list of problems that photographers may encounter with Lightroom 1.2 on Leopard:
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Bug in the latest Adobe update?

Just a couple of hours I posted about the latest Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom update that is supposed to bring RAW support to new cameras like the Canon EOS 40D.

As you can imagine this update was received with great enthusiasm by all Adobe Photoshop and Abobe lightroom users.

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Adobe adds Canon 40D RAW support

Adobe released sometime during the night an update for Adobe Camera RAW 4,2, AKA ACR, and Adobe Lightroom V1.2 adding support to some camera raw formats and notably the Canon EOS 40D

Newly supported cameras for Camera Raw 4 and Lightroom 1

Support for the following cameras has been added from Camera Raw 4.1 to 4.2 and Lightroom 1.1 to 1.2
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